Frequently Asked Questions

Is breathwork dangerous?

No. There are absolutely no health risks involved in breathwork. Sometimes at the start of a session you may feel tingling in your body, especially hands and feet, but this is just a sign of energy/oxygen rushing into your body. In the rare case that you should end up feeling too uncomfortable, you can always slow down your breath for a while.

Why do you need a guide or coach for breathwork?

Experienced practitioners can indeed do sessions on their own at home. Guidance mainly helps with two aspects of a session: First of all, a guide will help you to deepen your breathing without you having to keep conscious track of your breath. Second, some of the subconscious thoughts and feelings that may want to surface can feel very vulnerable or even scary to your conscious self. It is very important that you are in a setting where you feel completely safe and supported to welcome these surfacing parts of yourself.

What does a session look like?

For a description of a breathwork session, please see here. For other sessions, have a look here.

What is the difference between holotropic and connective breathwork?

Holotropic and connective breathwork mainly differ in terms of the rhythm you breathe in: In holotropic breathwork, you breathe deeper and faster than usual. During connective breathwork, you breathe more slowly and gently than for holotropic breathwork, with emphasis on a deep in-breath. Both rhythms facilitate the same state of consciousness, and your breathing can also be somewhere between the two.

How did you become a breathwork coach?

You can find information on my training here.

Can I bring my partner/friend etc.?

I facilitate for up to two persons in one session (at a charge of €60 for the second person).

Can I do breathwork while I am pregnant?
Yes you can, as long as your pregnancy is not high-risk or experiencing complications. As mentioned above, breathwork does not have negative effects on your health, including your baby’s health. I myself did regular breathwork sessions until I was about eight months along, and have facilitated breathwork sessions for women up to seven months into their pregnancy. It can be a wonderful experience, sometimes also of bonding with your child. The only thing to keep in mind is that you obviously may not want to enter into intense physical movements, emotions or memories. Through the setting, the music, and coaching throughout the session we will make sure to stay with a gentle process for you and your child.

For any other questions, please get in touch here.