Other sessions

Apart from breathwork, I offer three types of sessions – Focusing, Path Finding and Integration of Psychedelic Experiences. All sessions employ a mix of conversation, analysis and checking in with your body to discover your impulses and responses ‘under the surface’.


Our ‘gut feeling’ often senses the right way forward long before we can consciously think it. A focusing session aims to help you connect with this (often wordless) intuition, and to let it guide you in shaping your life to better fit your entire self. You come to the session with a question or unsolved topic. For instance, you may face a life decision that isn’t clear to you, a vague constant tension that you don’t know what to do with, a conflict that won’t resolve itself or a relationship pattern that keeps repeating. In the session, we use techniques of visualization and inner dialogue to focus in on your physical sensations and thereby listen to your body’s answers. This session is right for you if you want to discover where you as a whole person, not just a disembodied mind, truly stand towards an aspect of your life.

Path finding

As human beings, we are an amazing dynamic system, where different layers constantly interact. Because of this, it can be hard to know which layer is asking for your attention right now: You may experience mood swings that are really caused by your diet. You may struggle with back pains that are largely triggered by loneliness or emotional pain. Your family conflict may be easier to solve from a spiritual perspective. And so on and so on. Pathfinding sessions have three aims: To deeply understand the challenge you are facing as a dynamic system with all its interacting components, to determine at which level you can best start the healing process, and to give suggestions in terms of practices, practitioners, organizations etc. that can help you to translate your insights into every-day life actions.

Integration of Psychedelic Experiences

Similarly to the state of consciousness reached through breathwork, experiences with teacher plants like Ayahuasca, Psilocybin or Iboga can bring insights, emotions and powers to the surface that were previously hidden in your subconscious. While this can jump-start amazing healing processes, it may also come with three challenges in particular: First, messages are often delivered in what I would call the ‘Language of Dreams’: What you experience is absolutely true – but not always literally. As the Oracle in The Matrix says: ‘I told you exactly what you needed to hear.’ For example, you may feel the need to leave your family. This could be the right step in a practical sense, or it could be a more symbolic task: To loosen unhealthy attachments to your family. Deciphering this language on your own is not always straightforward. Second, some insights can simply be a lot to process alone. You may have recalled traumatic memories that you had long suppressed and may need support to integrate them without feeling overwhelmed. Finally, balancing truths you find in yourself with the demands of every-day life can be a hard task. For instance, you may have discovered hidden talents that make you want to change careers, but how do you act on that in a truthful-but-realistic way? This session aims to help you integrate into your life the treasures you bring up from your ‘deep dives’ with teacher plants – in the way that is most useful to you as a whole.