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Why breath-based therapy?

Your body knows you are angry, even when your mind tells you that you are calm. Your body knows you are powerful, even when your mind tells you that you are weak. Even when your mind has forgotten, your body keeps score of wounds that want to be healed, memories that want to be embraced, powers that want to be used, needs and desires that want to be honored. Breathing consciously is a powerful way to (re)connect to your body’s wisdom. At Into The Deep, I offer practices that help you to connect to your breath and body in order to heal and grow as a person.

Session types

I offer four types of session. Sessions can be held in English, Dutch or German.

Connective/Holotropic Breathwork

In a breathwork session, we free ourselves of conscious inhibitions by breathing more deeply and quickly than usually, flooding our body with oxygen. This helps subconscious feelings, thoughts and memories to come to the surface, where they can be acknowledged and healed.

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A focusing session uses different ways of listening to your body’s responses to a question you are currently encountering (e.g. regarding a particular relationship, life choice or inner conflict). This may include Inner Voice Dialogue, ‘Feed Your Demons’ exercises and other techniques of focusing and visualising your sensations.

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Path finding

Different life challenges are best solved at different levels – Some may be addressed through physical change, to diet or daily routine, others cognitively, e.g. through therapy, again others through spiritual practices etc. In this session, we aim to together find the best path to address the lie challenges you are currently facing, and to give practical suggestions on how to take the next steps.

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Integration of psychedelic experiences

Psychedelic experiences (e.g. with Ayahuasca or Psilocybin) can bring a lot of emotional healing, but integrating them into every-day life can also require intense, continuous work. This session aims to give long-term support in understanding, processing and acting on the insights gained with the help of teacher plants.

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Who am I?

I am a trained facilitator of body-centered healing methods, including Breathwork, Voice Dialogue and Focusing. I love accompanying people on their path of healing – to see hearts open and come alive, to witness the treasures that are hiding underneath our self-image.

In my other lives, I am a funny mix of labels – a neuroscientist who practices shamanism and meditation, with a background in psychology and mathematics, and ties to atheism, Buddhism and Catholicism. Having worn all these faces for at least a while, I’ve found that all have helped with the one thing that truly matters: To keep healing and opening our heart, every day. Growing love and joy in our lives is serious business, and we are here for it.

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Breathwork allows me to access my emotions in a very honest and direct way. This has been extremely powerful for me, by helping to identify problems in my life. And then doing something about them!

Martha has guided me through these sessions in a very thoughtful and loving manner. She has a comforting and supporting presence, which creates the space needed to feel whatever pops up. She has a great intuition for emotional processing and her professional background in neuroscience makes her an amazing guide! I highly recommend this experience as a way of getting to know yourself better.



Martha is a very dedicated breathwork facilitator. With her strong presence she can bring you into a deep healing state, using her guiding words, her sensitive touch and her understanding how deep spiritual processes work. She is deeply committed to her work and guides and coaches with compassion and awareness.

Stephen Monne

At first, doing breathwork was just another try to battle my anxiety. After a few sessions with Martha, breathwork turned into something essential in my life. It didn’t make the anxiety vanish… it did something bigger: It helped me to get to know myself. I learned how to face my emotions and how to deal with them.

Each breathwork session with Martha is a new journey to unknown corners of “me”. She knows how to guide you through each step. With her guidance you learn to reach your deepest thoughts and most hidden emotions. She listens to you, keeps you focused and encourages you through the whole process. I personally believe breathwork is a must do!



Schedule and Pricing

 I am currently taking appointments on weekends. A session lasts 90 – 120 minutes and costs 100 Euro, with discounts for long-term clients (see below).

If you are facing scheduling conflicts or financial difficulty, please contact me, and we will most likely find a solution.

1 Session

€ 100

10 Sessions

€ 850



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